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Saved Searches as Best Practice for Connections to NetSuite

Although Boomi’s standard NetSuite connector can implement filtering within the connector itself, relying on saved searches to implement filtering is a much more robust design pattern.

The out-of-the-box NetSuite connector implements parameterized filtering that will be included in the request sent to the NetSuite endpoint. This filtering is useful during testing or in cases where the number of records being queried. However, a more robust and abstracted method of filtering is to make use of NetSuite Saved Searches. This methodology also allows NetSuite users to take ownership of their data, instead of relying on developers to make changes to filtering.

This eliminates the need for excessive filters in the connector itself. If at any point the filters in a native NetSuite connector need to change, the interface would have to be redeployed. This could become tedious and error prone. A Saved Search approach allows filters to be added, removed, and changed quickly and without any need to touch the Boomi process.


The Saved Search pattern requires the NetSuite object profile to be imported as an advanced search. The main difference between a NetSuite operation advanced and basic search is the inclusion of a savedSearchID filter. To create and advanced search operation the profiles must be imported with “Advanced Search” enabled. To do this create a new NetSuite Operation or edit the currently used operation. Click on “Import”.


This will bring up the NetSuite Import Wizard. Select the appropriate atom and connection. Make sure “Use Advanced Search” is checked. This will allow a saved search to be specified. Then select the appropriate Object Type once Boomi has populated the options from NetSuite.




Once the profiles have been loaded into Boomi, go to the Filters tab and create a new expression. This will be the filter that specifies which saved search to use. Select the field “[ObjectType]|savedSearchId”. The savedSearchScriptID field can be used interchangeably if needed.


The “Use Advanced Search” option in the operation, as opposed to the option in the Import Wizard, is used to restrict which fields are returned by NetSuite. It is good practice to use this option if only a small number of fields are used within the interface. By restricting the returned data, the interface will run faster.


Once the filter has been created, the connector’s parameter needs to be set to contain the Saved Search ID. This can either be a static value or dynamic. The search ID can be found in NetSuite in the URL of the search.




Saved searches can be used in a Web Services SOAP connector as well. The saved search id just needs to be included in the request XML that is input to the connector.


Instead of waiting on a development team to implement changes, NetSuite users can control the filters and logic to take back ownership of their data. This saved search design pattern allows for multiple-value filters as well as providing a more robust filtering methodology. By separating the filter criteria from the Boomi process, filter changes can be made without re-deploying and simplifies the connector’s configuration. The main limitation with this approach is the higher chance of timeouts than a standard connection. This should not be an issue with interfaces that are only moving a few thousand records at a time.


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