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Setting Verbose mode for a Boomi Process using Dynamic Process Property

Setting Verbose mode for a Boomi Process using a Dynamic Process Property

In most instances developers will have to accommodate certain reporting, notification and logging requirements of a given interface within the Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform.
Often times, the logging or emailing may need to be disabled for testing and/or faster iterative cycling through test cases and, of course, to not annoy the user community with email test messages.
The most straightforward way to accomplish or implement a verbose or Test Mode Boolean flag (as is very common in other platforms) is to create and enable a Dynamic Process Property and then assign its default value while allowing to reassign the same with extensions directly after deployment.

Let’s start by demonstrating the use case above without the Boolean verbose flag. In the following Boomi Process we have a very basic try/catch shape attempting to pick up a file and when successful processing on to subsequent steps.
During testing, particularly of negative test cases, we’d be very interested in the “Catch” path in order to implement a robust exception handling pattern. However also during testing we may not want to have emails sent to the Distribution List as to not annoy our user community.
In the process below there is no evaluation to determine if we are in “debug” mode doing unit testing or if we are in end-to-end system testing. In other words, the Catch path will always fully execute:

We will begin by adding and then configuring a “Decision” shape to create the dynamic process property and set its default value:

In the decision Shape above chose the search icon from the First value field and select dynamic process property, Set Property Name to ‘EmailEnabled’ and default Value to ‘False’ as show here below:


The second Value of the Decision Shape Parameters should be set as follows:


When completed the decision shape configuration windows should look something like this:


We will place our new decision shape in the “Catch” shape/path of our process to evaluate if the “EnabledEmail” Boolean dynamic process property is enabled.


If we run this process in TEST mode, given the default value we assigned earlier, we will default to “FALSE” and NOT execute the event log entries and email sending.
It actually gets better if we enable Dynamic Property extensions allowing us to turn the Boolean off and On “on-the-fly” in production!
Choose the “Extensions” menu and then the Dynamic Process Property and add the name of the DPP:


Please refer to our Boomi Extensions Blog if you need more details or help on the use of extensions in Dell Boomi’s AtomSphere.

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