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BizTalk 2016: Importing Tracking Settings

Microsoft has provided us a lot of nifty new features with BizTalk 2016, and among them are a few different ways to control the various application settings while importing and exporting applications. We’ve discussed some of these new additions in a previous post, but today we’ll talk about a new checkbox which allows us to control whether or not the tracking settings will be imported.

In previous versions of BizTalk, tracking settings were automatically imported with the rest of the application bindings. This can be a helpful feature, but sometimes we don’t always want different environments to use the same tracking settings. A common example would be switching from a development environment to a production environment. Tracking everything in a development environment can be useful for debugging, but usually in a production environment it’s preferable to disable tracking for performance purposes.

Toggling this setting is very easy to do. We’ll start by right-clicking on the application and selecting the Import -> Bindings option.



This brings us to the dialog box below. As you can see, there’s a new checkbox there which allows us to toggle whether or not the tracking settings will be imported with these bindings.



This is a simple UI change, but it can allow the average BizTalk user to save some time that would have otherwise been spent unchecking various boxes throughout the application.


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