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Generate HIPAA EDI Testing Files – 4 Easy Steps!

Need a way to test your systems without compromising patient data? Creating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) test files from scratch can be an extremely time-consuming option. This leaves many searching for downloadable sample files that often contain only the mandatory loops and hinder the scope of your HIPAA EDI testing.

Fortunately, today’s Healthcare EDI professionals can find an EDI Management Platform to help alleviate their HIPAA compliance headaches.

X12 Studio EDI Toolbox is an EDI development toolkit (available as a free trial download) with a wide range of features that are essential to simplifying the EDI development process. There you’ll find the HIPAA Test File Generator which can generate various sample EDI files, for any healthcare EDI transaction type, in the blink of an eye.

This post will demonstrate how to generate EDI test files in X12 Studio EDI Toolbox

1. The process for utilizing the HIPAA Test File Generator is straightforward. To start, click on the “HIPAA Test File Generator” button located in the top menu:


2. From there you will be prompted to configure the file type you wish to generate as well as the complexity of the file generated. To start, click on “Choose A Type” to view the drop down menu:


The file generator supports generation of files based on all available HIPAA transaction types. For this sample, you can select “X834”, a Benefit Enrollment:


3. Next, you have the option to select between “Minimal” and “Complete”, this will determine whether we generate a basic file with only the minimum fields required by the X12 EDI specifications, or a file that has almost every field populated with sample data, respectively.

For our demo purposes, we will select “Minimal” to generate a small, simple sample file:


4. Now we simply click “Generate” and our file will be created:


In the console window at the bottom of X12 Studio, you can see our generated file, and from there open up and view it:


ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*SampleTP1 *ZZ*TALLAN *171102*1209*^*00501*000000006*0*P*:~

And there you have it! In just a few steps you can generate valid and complex EDI files for testing purposes. What is great is that once you have generated this test EDI file you can leverage some of the other components that X12 Studio Toolbox has to offer to alter and get more detail on the EDI file that you just generated.


X12 Studio Toolbox

Tallan’s T-Connect X12 Studio Toolbox provides a set of features helpful for streamlining HIPAA processes, including HIPAA File Generation. X12 Studio can generate files from any of the HIPAA transaction types at the click of a button, helping to streamline your EDI file generation needs.


X12 Studio loads EDI transactions into a hierarchical tree view. With search features and expandable nodes, it’s easy to navigate and understand the structure of your EDI documents.

X12 Studio is available to preview as a free downloadContact us today to discuss features such as HIPAA File Generation, database persistence, and file splitting – we’re always happy to talk EDI!


Learn more about Tallan or see us in person at one of our many Events!

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