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Introducing the ‘Calendar by Tallan’ Power BI Custom Visualization

The Microsoft Office Store contains a growing library of custom Power BI visualizations developed by Microsoft and the community. While Power BI offers built-in visualizations, custom visuals can be downloaded for free and are used to enhance the way you display your data within reports and dashboards. Tallan has now taken its Power BI expertise to the next level by contributing our very own custom visual. Introducing the ‘Calendar by Tallan’ Power BI Custom Visual!


When associating dates with data, the first real-world visual that comes to mind is a standard 12-month calendar. While other custom calendar visuals exist in the Office store, the offerings did not portray the dates in this familiar manner or display the range of data desired. Tallan’s Calendar visual enables you to view the aggregation of data across a range of dates in a standard calendar layout. The visualization offers separate views for year and month, allowing users to zoom in on date ranges while presenting them clearly and effectively. Selection of date ranges can be targeted through the ‘Control’ and ‘Shift’ keyboard commands, providing the ability to select weeks, quarters, and other desired variations.


Click image to navigate to a public demo

Common use cases include displaying total revenue by date, or the number of orders taken by day, but Tallan has utilized this visual for other exciting use cases such as the amount of ChatBot inbound requests a day. Through the visual, our ChatBot team can quickly target high traffic days, and cross filter other visuals by date to extend their understanding of the questions being received. Try out the ‘Calendar by Tallan’ for free by downloading from AppSource today! Be sure to look out for upcoming enhancements including:

  • General usability enhancements
  • Configurable Calendar Layout
  • Configurable Start of Week
  • Diverging color option
  • Date hierarchy drill down


Have an idea for a new Power BI visual? Microsoft’s GitHub contains detailed instructions on environment setup to help you get started in creating your first custom visual. Tallan also has AppSource Consulting Service offerings to help accelerate your custom visual becoming a reality.

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Looking to see if this has been updated to trim out old year or to be able indicate what year to only show in opening.

Dimitrios Karypidis
April 17, 2018 4:07 am

I am using tallan calendar for visualizing hotel occupancy. So the values are in % but the when you point the mouse on the calendar the tooltip show the value 0.8293232342342342 with too many decimals.

I’m displaying only one month but there’s all this blank space around it. If I resize the visual smaller it just shrinks everything .. my one month gets tiny and keeps all the blank space. Not very good.

I am using the calendar to represent planned vacation days. The data has a work date and a number of vacation hours per date by employee (typically 8 per employee per day). It looks great except I notice some employees, even though their hours show up in the graphic when I put the mouse over the date, the color doesn’t show up. this seems to happen to about half of the individuals in my data set.

How to resolve Value shown in tooltip is many decimal places

Love the viz, and have it working in PBI Desktop (October 2017). When deploying/uploading to RS (Ver 1.1.6582.416941 (October 2017)), I get the dreaded “does not support this custom visual” error. I have been searching for other versions of this viz, thinking I would need an api-downgraded version of it – but can’t find any. Does anyone know it there are previous versions?

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