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X12 Studio – Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements


X12 Studio provides validation capabilities that can be used to validate claims, enrollments, and other HIPAA X12 EDI file types.  X12 Studio can be used to test those files by reading, validating, and producing an X12 999 Acknowledgement (ACK).  The 5010 999 ACK replaced the previous version – 4010 997 ACK.  The 999 ACK informs the submitter that the EDI submitted is validated according to the receiver’s implementation guide.  This validation includes the results describing the quality of the functional group’s syntax.  Sometimes this validation is referred to as WEDI SNIP level edits 1 and 2.

Steps to Generate the 999 ACK

  1. To start, download X12 Studio and install the application:

Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 1

  1. Launch the application and open an existing 837I, 837P, 834, or any of the HIPAA X12 EDI files:

Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 2

  1. Click on the Generate ACK 999 icon in the top menu:

Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 3

  1. View the Output tab at the bottom of the application. This will show the file system location of the generated 999 ACK. Simply click on the file location in the Output window and X12 Studio will open the 999 ACK response.


It’s also worth noting, this Output file location can be configured within the ‘Configure’ menu:


Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 6

  1. Here is the generated 999 ACK output for the X12 837I (Institutional) EDI file. In this scenario, the 837I was accepted as denoted in the AK9 ‘A’ (for accepted):

Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 7

  1. Now, let’s use X12 Studio to edit the file so that we can test for an invalid 837I. Change the NM108 subscriber name qualifier value from ‘MI’ to an invalid enumeration of ‘XX’.


  1. X12 Studio will instantly validate this change and display a validation error in the bottom of the screen within the Validation tab:

Validate and Retrieve 999 Acknowledgements 9

  1. Generate 999 ACK again and verify that the 999 produced a rejection in the AK9, denoted by ‘R’ (for rejected).



X12 Studio Toolbox

Tallan’s T-Connect X12 Studio Toolbox provides a set of features helpful for streamlining HIPAA processes, including 999 ACK Generator.  The X12 Studio Toolbox utilizes some of our features found in our enterprise solution – T-Connect EDI Management Suite in an easy-to-use interface.  We also support elevated SNIP level edits, feel free to contact us directly via the Contact Us Form.

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