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Machine Learning Getting Started Guide

It’s taken a year for me to feel confident enough to even chime in, on a high level, about the products we’ve created, and the platforms we utilize.  I can dabble in conversation about chatbots and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.  I understand now, more or less, what ‘the cloud’ is and its benefits.  But, this is why teamwork makes the dream work, you know.  My colleagues can build you a solution to any business challenge. Anything.  You’ve got a problem, they’ll solve it.

But, now it’s my turn. I am going to express why what they can do matters.

You’ve all heard of Machine Learning.  We partnered with RetailWire to produce a Webinar on ML for Retail back in April and that’s where my understanding really began to take shape.  In a nutshell, Machine Learning can be set-up and do in minutes and hours, what would take a dedicated team of your staff weeks.  Here’s the thing though, once your staff finishes a project – they move on.  ML will keep learning and getting better. That’s a huge benefit.

It’s easy to trust that mathematical equations or algorithms when calculated correctly, give you complete certainty.  It’s black and white, there’s right and wrong, there is no grey, there is no ‘maybe.’  This is why ML can provide such an advantage.  You feed it data.  Imperfect data, but lots of it.  As much as you can find and manage.  From there, YOU tell the program what you’d like it to figure out and what your goal is.  After that, you test out what it provides, and it just keeps getting better and smarter.  Kind of like me, actually.

According to an article posted on the MIT Technology Review, recently researchers from the Technical University of Dortmund Germany simulated the World Cup tournament 100,000 times in an effort to predict the winner.  The article, while not overly high-level (spoiler alert) provides exceptional insight into how many factors can be assessed through ML and how well it can spit back the information you’re looking for.  It also gives you reasons as to why Spain and Germany are the top 2 choices for World Cup Champions if you are interested.

This is why we created the Machine Learning Getting Started Guide.  The document provides step-by-step instruction from how and where to begin, to how and when to integrate your findings to improve your business.  Whether its customer retention, revenue growth, or even an understanding of inventory trends.  Whatever your goal is, ML can help you get there. We’ve even included a worksheet for you to map out your steps.

Now, I feel compelled to quote my VP of Data and Analytics here, “To appreciate the power and value of Machine Learning, it is important to find the right opportunity.” Don’t automate for the sake of automation, you’ll lose the full scope of the potential benefit.  This is the part where I would tell you we can help you identify the possibilities, and to walk you through each step.  But, we created the guide and produced the Webinar with the goal of fostering the understanding that now, Machine Learning is something that can be utilized by everyone.  Small business owners, independent contractors, and enterprise businesses alike have the capacity to take advantage of Machine Learning.

So read our guide and watch our webinar, and then try it out! You can transform your business using ML and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can accomplish.  If you need our help, please ask, we’d love to assist. But, I have faith in you!

If you are interested in additional Machine Learning Resources look no further or you can contact us directly!

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