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Why You Shouldn’t Discount Discount Cloud Services Part 3

Part 1 Summary

In post 1 of this series, we discussed what a Discount Cloud Instance is and in what situations it can be beneficial to use. In summation, they are instances sold very cheaply as temporary resources to those who want to make use of them and they are most useful when being utilized for batch processing jobs that have a flexible or far-off completion date.

Part 2 Summary

In the second post, we introduced and compared the current offerings of these instance types from the three main cloud providers: Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. There are currently vast differences in how each provider offers and utilizes their Discount Cloud Instances, just as there are significant differences in how they offer cloud services in general. Amazon AWS offers spot instances, which feature the most flexibility and historical data access for users to optimize their systems. Microsoft offers Azure Low Priority Virtual Machines, with the least flexibility but significant ease of use. Lastly, Google offers Preemptible Virtual Machines, which lies somewhere in between the others in terms of ease of use, flexibility, and data available on instance lifespans.

In Conclusion

We aim to make suggestions to Azure based on the comparisons drawn in part 2 in order to allow them to exceed the other two in their discount offering. Currently, Azure only excels at ease of use, but in doing so they have offered little in the way of flexibility. If they added a revocation warning system like the other providers offer, and simply enabled the discount instance usage in more than just one area, they would be on par with the others in almost every way. If they further expanded to provide similar historical data to AWS, they would become one of the strongest providers in this field.

While this is not currently a popular feature of the cloud, it could serve as a very important one to providers and customers alike in coming years. The cloud is primarily used as a cost-saving tool for users, so as costs in the market begin to stagnate, providing the best version of a cost-saving measure could be crucial to growth. Additionally, being able to stand out in the market is becoming more and more challenging, but having the ability to point to any one feature where you clearly stand above your competition could greatly influence your competitiveness in the marketplace.

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