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Chatbots Get One Step Closer to Direct to Consumer with Google’s Adlingo

By now it should be readily apparent that Chatbots have become the new normal when it comes to must-have technologies for companies. From customer service to retail, Chatbots have been saturating every aspect of our business. One such area that has seen a huge uptick in activity has been in the area of digital advertising.

Companies such as Revlon and Coca-Cola have been tapping into the power of Chatbots in order to help create campaigns around new products. The advantages of this type of campaign are that companies are able to extract much more data from the consumer by utilizing a chat-like interface. This opens the door to a whole new area of analytics with things like keyword extraction and sentiment analysis. In addition, Chatbots are able to pivot the conversation around specific things that the consumer has said and thus building a more personal connection to both the Bot and the brand.

Up until recently, these campaigns have run on mediums like Facebook, which is used to create an initial ad which once clicked would shuttle them over to Messenger to continue the conversation in a Chatbot. While this strategy has been effective, it falls victim to one of the major pain points in any technology-based sales solution which is the interruption of flow. Consumers would have to exit from the ad in the timeline and get ported over to the messaging app in order to chat with the bot. This would often cause drop-off from users who either didn’t have the messaging app installed, or didn’t want to deal with the distraction of a different app.

Google is helping to solve this marketing problem with the introduction of its AdLingo platform. With this new platform, advertisers can embed the chat experience directly inside their ads allowing for a more seamless experience. Not only does technology eliminate the need to navigate away from the ad to initiate the chat, but it also breaks the company’s reliance on platforms like Facebook in order to market to people via Chatbots.

Digital media giant Valassis is one such company that has started taking advantage of this platform. A subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings, Valassis is a leader in intelligent media delivery including direct mail, newspaper inserts, and digital advertising. In-line with creating the future of intelligent media delivery, Valassis partnered with Tallan to develop a mobile and web-based AI solution and Chatbots to expand their distribution channels.

“This is a great opportunity to expand our business” said Valassis VP of Strategy Mike Balducci. “It allows us much more flexibility in terms of where we can help our clients advertise, while at the same time shrinking the barrier of entry for people interacting with the bot.” Valassis has already created one campaign on this new platform for Kia but is looking to expand its efforts based on its success.

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