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IoT Luncheon: Connecting the Greatest Minds in Greater Boston

It’s not often that you can get some of the brightest minds in an industry in the same room together to discuss trends and opportunities in the market. This past March, Tallan was able to do just that and this coming September, we’ll be doing the same thing. Boston is one of the top regions if not THE top region in the country focused on Pharma, BioTech, and Medical Device Manufacturing.  The health of this industry and the proximity to Tallan’s headquarters is a stroke of luck.  However, we made our own luck through our partnership with one such company, Abiomed.

Abiomed is a ‘leading provider of medical devices that provide circulatory support.’ The brilliant minds on their team developed a solution to monitor the health of their devices, and report necessary findings to the individuals working in hospitals who care for the patients that rely on their Heart Pump, Impella. Tallan assisted in the latter part of implementing this solution. We reviewed the architecture and were able to help Abiomed ‘cross the finish line’. Healthcare providers can now view the pump’s activity in real-time so that any changes, updates or, required communication come through in a timely, and potentially life-saving manner.

You can read Microsoft’s account of this success in the article they published, How Abiomed Redefines Heart Patient Care.

This March, we hosted individuals from companies in this field for an invitation-only luncheon aimed toward networking and further identifying focus areas, opportunities, and trends in the local market.  We also wanted to give our brilliant friends at Abiomed the chance to tout their success.  What an inspiring afternoon! Our guests attended from some of the most advanced organizations in the region: Hologic, Fresenius, New England BioLabs, and Waters Corporation, to name a few.  The specific piece of the solution Abiomed reviewed with their peers was the IoT (Internet of Things) component.  This was the driving factor that allowed for the real-time, secure monitoring of Impella’s activity. IoT as a mainstream technology is becoming more familiar in manufacturing, on factory floors to be more specific.  But, the areas of opportunity are much greater than that and what better industries to align this technology with than the life-saving missions of BioTech, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Manufacturing organizations.

These companies, for the most part, were not competitors.  We identified like-minded companies in the region to ensure the conversation was productive and beneficial. Abiomed shared their story, from inception to deployment, and the dialogue flowed freely after that.  We tried to keep the topics high-level enough to provide true insight into the [business] value this solution has created. As opposed to the convenience of automation, and the technical jargon, it’s so easy to fall into while surrounded by Cloud Architects and Engineers.

We came to find that many of these companies had already been discussing IoT and how it could benefit varying parts of their business.  Some were further along than others, which was to be expected. Some companies new exactly where and how they’d like to use a connected device while some were still interested in learning what IoT really is. This provided everyone with insight into production efforts and challenges, decision making patterns, and areas of concern in terms of innovation.  It seemed like the secondary basis of our entire conversation was the cloud (Microsoft Azure specifically) with regard to HIPAA regulations, GDPR in an international sense, and overall security and scalability.

It was enlightening to have been afforded perspective on production time, R&D efforts, and priorities of these high-profile companies. To gain an understanding of how a connected device or a robust, all-encompassing IoT solution can support other organizations is knowledge. We are now armed with and can use to support organizations in this market. That was important to us. It’s important to host an enjoyable event, but it’s more important to provide a quality return on someone’s time.

Overall this event was truly an eye-opening experience and a memorable day.  As we continue help our clients, like Abiomed, develop and scale cloud-based solutions, we hope to be able to cement our position as a partner for the Massachusetts based BioTech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing landscape.  The amount of knowledge and expertise we have amassed from our client projects is valuable. It is also important to share because the more people we can help digitally transform their business, the better we can help our future customers create life changing, or life-saving experiences.

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