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Tallan’s Power BI User Group Taking Leadership Strides

Inspiring global thought leaders at Tallan’s headquarters, the Hartford Power BI User Group’s very own Michael Thomas took the #2 spot in his global debut! Data & Analytics is an area that maintains its voice in the industry, as well as in our relationship with Microsoft and a part of that relationship involved the work Tallan has done historically with Power BI; a Microsoft visual analytics platform and tool. To spread the word on Power BI, as well as encourage the community of users and those interested, Tallan has been hosting Hartford, CT’s local Power BI User Group.

People are welcome to attend for the refreshments and stimulating conversation, however the focus of these monthly meetings is to showcase the features and capabilities of the tool and collaborate with like, and different minded people on how to utilize Power BI.

Tallan has been fortunate to leverage the connections we’ve built to bring in featured presenters who can speak to the group on their experiences with the tool. Earlier in the year, Michael Thomas graciously agreed to be one of our monthly spotlight members. To provide you with a high-level view of the topics discussed, Michael dove into predictive modeling and it’s sub-categories of Machine Learning, NLP, and AI. The presentation went deeper into the subject of Data Visualization where he used two widely consumed tools; Power BI and ‘R’ – an open source statistical software. Michael provides a well-rounded history on R and RStudio, including the more practical applications. Michael’s webinar is not only packed with useful information, but the content is kept light and entertaining.

His presentation helps the viewers visualize the data through his Exploratory Data Analysis portion of the presentation – which for me, as someone on the less technical side of Tallan’s operations, was eye-opening. The data set Michael works within his presentation is from the CT State Prison population which is a public set of data and perfect for this example considering how well-suited it is for both predicting and visualizing data over time. He then shows how R integrates into Power BI.

For those of us sitting in the room, we all knew we were involved in a high-quality presentation, so it wasn’t so much of a surprise when the Power BI National User Group approached Michael to have his presentation re-recorded for the entire community. Needless to say, we were all very proud to be a part of this user group which hosts such experienced developers and data scientists like Michael.

If you’d like to view the webinar yourself, Michael Thomas (Or the Power BI User Group) has granted us permission to share.


And if you’d like to become a part of the Hartford PUG hosted here at Tallan, or one in your area, go to the Hartford PUG registration page for more information.

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