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How to Access the Online Fillable CMS-1500 Claim Form on X12 Hero

In this blog we provide instructions on downloading a free CMS-1500 form. Since we’ll be using the Claim Form Editor Web-App on X12 Hero the CMS form is enhanced by our EDI validation software. X12 Hero offers a SaaS subscription for access to a full collection of healthcare EDI and medical billing web-apps. With this 1500 form we can easily enter claims and check completed claims for entry errors. We’ve found that pre-validating your claims in X12 Hero results in an 80% or better first pass acceptance rate. We’ll discuss how to resolve these errors that could otherwise result in a denied claim. The application also has the capability to convert CMS 1500 forms to EDI 837p files for submission. This blog gives simple steps for you to get started and improve your medical billing efficiency.

How to Use the Fillable CMS 1500 Claim Form Editor

Before we start, it’s important to note that the form validates on SNIP validation Levels 1 & 2. To learn more on the SNIP validation visit our healthcare EDI software page. This software gives you the same with the same error checking results as the major clearinghouses getting you paid faster and more often. Okay, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Visit the Online CMS-1500 Form Editor Page on X12 Hero

1500 form Editor

STEP 2: Try IT Free

On the claim form editor page click one of the TRY IT NOW buttons. This brings you to sign in screen where you can get a free 7-day trial of any X12 Hero online EDI apps you choose. There’s even app for converting EDI 837p files to completed CMS 1500 forms, you can also get this EDI converter online.

fillable cms 1500 form

STEP 3: Sign Up for a Free Trial

During the step you’ll click the red sign up button and click the “sign up now” link or click the social icon to sign in with socials.

Accessing the Claim Form Editor

X12 hero trial sign up

STEP 4: Select the Claim Form Editor App

Select from any of the other apps to included them in your 7-day free trial.

TIP: If you’re working with EDI files, the online EDI validator app is great for quickly surfacing EDI file errors.

select online EDI apps

STEP 5: How to Print the CMS 1500 Form

Complete the Claim Form and click the “validate” button to check for errors.

Printable CMS 1500 form

X12 Hero is an online EDI app marketplace that offers online subscription access priced based on usage. It’s our mission to give smaller organizations the capacity to process claims and enrollments efficiently. Contact us to discover how T-Connect EDI software can help your organization become EDI capable.

Learn more about Tallan’s partnership with Caliber Health!

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