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Poll Results Part I: Microsoft Healthcare Bot Webinar: Enabling and Enhancing Patient Engagement

Earlier this month, we partnered with Microsoft and hosted a live webinar focused on the new Healthcare Bot platform. The Product Lead from Microsoft Healthcare lent his time to Tallan to speak to the production of the framework for this Chatbot, while Tallan’s AI team discussed 3 cases where this Bot is already being used to benefit patient engagement.

In short, this Healthcare Bot Framework, as opposed to Microsoft’s traditional Bot Framework, was specifically created with Healthcare compliance laws in mind, and an understanding of “healthcare intents by leveraging built-in language models tuned to medical terminology.”

Because Conversational AI is still very much making a name for itself as a mainstream tool, we polled our audience at the beginning of the webinar, and the end.

The first question was focused on patient engagement challenges, specifically what they face at their organizations.  Our audience was comprised of administrators and upper-level operational staff, either at hospitals or medical centers.  Our hope was to gauge the interest from our audience; who truly have the bird’s eye view of how beneficial automation can be, and how important patient engagement is. The results were pretty interesting.

challenges with patient engagement

Facilitating communication between patient and provider is the standout choice in this instance at over 70%.  Appointment scheduling is second, but a lesser choice by about 20%. The third highest selection was patient inquires going unanswered, followed by a tie between high readmission rates due to patient confusion, and a lack in discharge plan adherence and follow-up. At the end of the day, the Healthcare Bot can achieve any of these goals.  But, it looks like communication, across the board, is what our audience would prefer to be able to automate reliably.

After the presentation from Microsoft’s Adam Walker, and Tallan’s own Matt Kruczek, we polled our audience again.  This time, they were armed with more information than before and learned about the specific instances in which this Bot has already been deployed and is in use at different organizations. Those results will be revealed next week, so be sure to tune in to see what changed after hearing about how Quest Diagnostics and Aurora Health Care are utilizing this technology.

Learn more about the Microsoft Healthcare Bot, and Tallan as a Certified Healthcare Bot Partner.

Take a look at the full webinar on the Microsoft Healthcare Bot!

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