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Poll Results Part II: Microsoft Healthcare Bot Webinar: Enabling and Enhancing Patient Engagement

You might have seen our post last week, Poll Results Part I: Microsoft Healthcare Bot Webinar: Enabling and Enhancing Patient Engagement.

If you have, I’m sure you’re absolutely chomping at the bit to find out how people answered the question at the end of the event.  Well, the answer options differ a bit based on the use-cases from Quest Diagnostics and Aurora Health Care.

This poll occurred after the presentation from Microsoft Health Care’s Adam Walker, and Tallan’s own Matt Kruczek. Adam spent time on the details the team focused on to ensure the Bot would be compliant and useful for the healthcare community (to include a built-in understanding of medical language). While Matt elaborated on 3 of the pilot programs.  One assists with triaging and symptom checking patients, one focuses on follow-up and discharge plan adherence, and the other centers on scheduling appointments and all of the repetitive, time consuming questions that come along with that. Below you’ll see the answers.

Poll Results Part 2

Interestingly enough, it looks like the content made a change.  In this poll, nearly half of the audience opted to use a Bot to schedule appointments and make referrals.  This was followed, not so closely, by a streamlined admission, transfer, and discharge process.  Then triage and FAQ assistance, and finally, discharge and after-care follow up. If you did see our post last week, you’d remember that at the beginning of the webinar, the audience wanted to use a Bot to facilitate communication.  While that question was rather open-ended, it showed that our audience didn’t realize the depth of what AI can accomplish.  It seems that after they heard from our experts, they might be thinking a little bit more outside the box – which is great! It also proves a willingness to automate and to trust in the technology. That’s the kind of thing that will empower an organization to use Artificial Intelligence to push them forward.

The engagement from the audience during this session was fantastic.  We’re in the process of compiling all of the questions asked now, and will be posting that as a third and final component to this blog series.  Check back next week to see the Q&A!

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