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How Automated Reporting Saved 96 Days Per Year for a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Broker

One of the most common goals in business is improving efficiency while maintaining high-quality work. As a consulting company, Tallan has worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects all across the US, so we are no stranger to the common expectation that our services will increase the quality of technology, and improve operations.  

Recently, we engaged with a local non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker on a Data & Analytics project. NEMT brokers serve as a liaison between health plan providers, patients, and transportation vendors. Their mission is to coordinate transportation services for disadvantaged patients who are unable to make it to health care appointments. Providing this service both improves wellness and reduces costs for insurers. 


NEMT Brokers are responsible for, among other things, tracking interactions and reporting data to the insurers with whom they hold contracts. These contracted relationships now serve as another layer of communication for which the NEMT broker is now responsible. Trip details, vendor information, plan rules, billing information, services provided, call center data, and post-service claims information, are examples of the data needed to create reports. As is typical, this information comes from a myriad of disparate parties and systems which all need to come together into a cohesive report. 

The original existing reporting process was manual, labor-intensive, error-prone, and difficult to keep up to date. For example, a single quarterly report provided to each insurer, required 3 days of effort. That is 3 person-days of effort for each of the 8 insurers, or 24 effort days total per calendar quarter. This is an astounding 96 effort days annually for one of their quarterly reports.  

Read that again. 

“This is an outstanding 96 effort days annually for ONE of their quarterly reports.” We’re not sure how much you’re paying your employees, but we are confident that this is an expense that should be automated if it’s able. 


Tallan fully automated their previous reporting process with Power BI. In this solution, reports can now be generated in real-time, saving this NEMT Broker those 96 person-days of manual labor annually. We wanted to make sure that this solution was time-effective, but we also made sure to provide our client with a cleaner reporting approach. With a higher level of accuracy and currency, executives can now use the Power BI interface to slice, filter, and drill down into data, providing deeper insights into vital information that wasn’t possible before. 

Because of such a drastic decrease in operational costs for reporting, they can now be more competitive when bidding for future contracts.  

As an additional value-added service, the organization is considering providing direct access to these reports to their health plan providers under a subscription model. This will both drive additional revenue and position them above their competition in the marketplace. 

This is an example of how companies can become far more cutting edge if they invest in advancing technology. Here at Tallan, we understand the value of investing in your employees. In this case, our solution not only saved the company a serious amount of working hours, providing an opportunity for those report generators to repurpose their time.  

There’s always something to do, the trouble we often see is running out of hours in the day. By automating your data reporting, you now have so much more room in your calendar! What you chose to fill that time with is up to you, but if you’re feeling like your business is craving some automation, reach out to me to start that conversation.  

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Success Metrics 

  • 100% reduction of manual effort, savings of 24 effort days per quarter, 96 days annually 
  • For reference: 96 days is equal to 57.6 work weeks, 2,304 hours, or 138,240 minutes. 
  • Identified and eliminated errors present in the manual process resulting in improved accuracy. 
  • Automated the import of disparate data, providing real-time, current, interactive access to data that was previously available quarterly, and only in static form. 
  • Visualizations and drill-down capability allowed executives to quickly identify and address areas of concern.

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