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Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19 Webinar Series

Last year, our AI team was invited to learn about Microsoft’s new Healthcare Bot. The ability to quickly develop and modify this technology was incredible. The cloud-based service was built specifically using AI to empower and scale the healthcare industry with compliance top of mind, and healthcare-centric language built-in to start.

Our team was already familiar with the Microsoft Bot Framework so we signed on very quickly to become a Certified Bot Partner. We saw the opportunity to help both hospitals and out-patient clinics and offices, we even have a pre-COVID webinar, titled Enabling and Enhancing Patient Engagement in Healthcare published on our Youtube channel that highlights the basic features and benefits of this technology.

At the time, the market was a bit behind the technology. Things like concern about elderly patients interacting with a Chatbot, and fear of change.

Look at us now. The world has effectively paused because of the outbreak of COVID-19, and while industries like retail have been nearly stopped in their tracks – the healthcare industry is now the ‘frontline’ battling this invisible threat. While this is not a desirable way to shine a light on this technology, Microsoft has ensured that it’s available to help the frontline as much as possible.

An organization as large as Microsoft had no choice but to leverage their size and brand help. So, while their internal development team has been working with partners, like Tallan to get a standardized Bot ready to offset symptom checking and triage for hospitals being inundated with sick patients, they’ve also created materials to teach and showcase this technology. They developed and published a 4 part webinar series from ‘Getting Started’ to the FAQs created for this specific instance. We’ve linked them below for your convenience.

  1. Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19: Getting Started
  2. Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19: Configure & Embed in Web Page
  3. Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19: Using CDC Approved FAQ List
  4. Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service for COVID-19: The Healthcare Bot Admin Portal

We’ll add to this list as more videos are published, in the meantime if you have questions or are in need of expertise or a solution like this for your organization, we have resources available as well. Our AI team is well versed in this technology and if we can play any part in flattening the curve through business or helping a company stay afloat in this economic climate, it would be our pleasure. Comment below, or contact us today!


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