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Build 2014

//build was a great event this year. Given that I’m the mobile guy I’m particularly excited that they started the day 1 keynote with Windows Phone and Windows 8 announcements.
Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft announced their latest version of Windows Phone, version 8.1, this new version is due out this summer and is compatible with all existing Windows Phone 8.0 devices. In addition manufacturers, such as Nokia, are coming out with new devices tailored to Windows Phone 8.1.

Overriding ThemeResources in Windows 8.1 Apps

Windows 8.1 offers a new markup extension called ThemeResource, this allows for dynamic theming of your app at runtime. There is also a new RequestedTheme property on FrameworkElement, which allows for retargeting specific islands of content. I was working on a sample today and wanted to write a short post to show how to put this all together with the combination of ThemeDictionaries to create a dynamic app.

Easily use DesignData with Caliburn.Micro for Windows Store apps

They may have removed the sample data functionality in the latest versions of Blend, but have no fear, you can still accomplish effective Designer/Developer workflows using custom design data and the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Pattern. I was setting up the sample data functionality on our latest mobile project and I wanted to write this quick blog post to help others setting up the same thing. To start I created our Windows Store application, added the Caliburn.Micro NuGet package, and created the initial View and ViewModel for our Hub page.

Build 2012 Recap

The Adventure of Build 2012
This has been and exciting year for technology especially around Windows8. Shortly after Build 2011, last year, I began my work with Windows8 and completed my first book ever Getting Started with Windows 8 Apps. A large part of this year has been spent really understanding all the pieces of Windows 8 and the new Windows Runtime. That passion has extended further into really trying to get the message out and push others to embrace the true breadth of what this means for computing and our profession as software developers. At VSLive in August, where I was fortunately to be on the roster with some extremely distinguished speakers, I learned the extent to which Microsoft was really pushing this year with releases for virtually every product on the market. From all versions of Windows, Windows Server…

Getting Started with Metro Style Apps book is available for Early Release

As many of my friends know I’ve been working hard on a new book for O’Reilly called Getting Started with Metro Style Apps. This book is written for existing .NET developers who are interested in the changes introduced with the release of Windows 8. This book is intended to be a guide to developing complete Metro style apps end-to-end. If you have an idea or you are just curious about the platform, this is the place to start.

Build – The Developer’s Launch of Windows 8

The first keynote of Build was all about the launch of new Windows 8 for developers. As they said, Windows 8 is a reimaging of the way we interact with devices and use computers. With all this reimaging comes some major changes to the development paradigms that we are currently use to and it seems as though this conference is focusing on getting the developers up to speed with all the changes that affect how software will be created for the next version of Windows.
The keynote centered around 2 main topics. First is the changes in computing, including hardware, mobility, and the way in which we interact with multiple devices of all sizes. Second, is the new Metro UI , which is the way in which immersive Windows 8 applications are built and developed to provide rich experiences on the…

MIX11 in review

I know this post is overdue, but I’m happy to say that in the time since MIX has elapsed, my wife and I have sold our condo and moved to a new home. I’ve also transition to a new contract, and I am excited to get my feet wet my new project. Despite the delay, it was a wonderful experience. This was my first year at MIX. The content, announcements, and the networking were all memorable. I only wish I could’ve attended all the sessions.
This year was filled with a number of announcements at the two keynotes I did my best to update my twitter feed with some of the cool ones.
The first keynote was focused around recent release of IE9, the next generation of web, ASP.NET MVC3, and HTML5, and the new release of IE 10 Platform Preview 1…