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The Anatomy of Your Local Boomi Atom

The Dell Boomi local atom installation directory has within it a number of executables, jar files, logs and settings files, and this post is meant to help a newcomer be able to navigate their way around this collection of files. We plan on targeting a few select folders ( highlighted in the image below) for discussion, because these are the folders that have the files we most frequently need to touch.

This directory contains files that are used by the installer when first installing the atom to your computer, but besides that there are a couple of files that might be of interest to someone after installation is complete. The inst_jre file contains a single file path which points to the jre that was used during the installation process. The installer itself is a java application and therefore needs a jre to be installed on your…

How to Safely Insert a String of Text Into a Biztalk Message

Recently while working on a Biztalk project there was a number of suspended instances that were appearing in the Biztalk Admin Console, after some investigation in to the cause of these suspended instances it was determined that the orchestrations were failing because of uncaught exceptions being thrown from within the orchestration’s exception handlers.
The cause of these uncaught exceptions was eventually tracked down to the following line of code inside of a message construction shape.
To give a little bit of context to the code snippet above, the xmlExceptionMsg object is an orchestration variable of type System.Xml.XmlDocument which is being used to construct a BizTalk message and the LoadXml method is meant to take a string of text which is valid Xml from which that message will be built.
However, it was this method call that was raising the exception that subsequently caused…