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Designing an eCommerce Workflow: Gathering Requirements

It seems today that most people look to out of the box solutions when considering augmenting their sites with eCommerce features. Maybe it is because there are a lot of small businesses who just want to get started with eCommerce and a template site or open source solution is really the best way to go for them. This articles is intended for those whose responsibility is to service the smaller portion of companies where eCommerce revenue accounts for a large part (if not all) of their revenue to the tune of millions of dollars. To these companies it is necessary to have a finely tuned, customized and heavily integrated eCommerce solution, and sustain a high enough volume of business to benefit greatly by investing in more complex eCommerce features. In this case, the teams in charge of designing the intricacies…

Blog Marketing 101 – Strategies & Tactics

Content is unquestionably the most important part of any blog. Without it, it isn’t a blog. However, it’s best to think of the content like a car engine – without the other parts of the car, it’s not going anywhere. I’m going to outline the other ‘parts’ which will get your blogs moving.
Backlinks: Any link from another web page to your own (a.k.a. ‘Incoming Links’).
Page Rank: A ‘grade’ assigned to a site based on many secret variables including (incoming links, outgoing links, quality of content, etc.). This determines how close to the top of the page your site shows for any given keyword search on Google.
Supplemental Index: This is how Google (others have similar mechanisms) categorizes sites it has deemed to be low quality, provide low value to their users, and thus are basically not worthy of displaying to them….