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Integrating Braintree Auth Allows Customers to Connect Their Braintree Account to Your Platform

Braintree Auth is a new feature of Braintree that allows customers to link their personal Braintree accounts to a company’s platform. This technology allows the company to do all the heavy lifting by reading transactions and processing payments on the customer’s behalf. The process works similar to the way customers can sign in on other sites using their social media credentials.
Tallan is the first company to ever set up the Braintree Auth feature. We found a need for it on the SmartRaiser platform. Before we used Braintree Auth, customers were required to get their funds from SmartRaiser directly and the process could take several months to allow all payments to settle. With Braintree Auth, customers can access transactional information much faster and receive payments in as little as two business days.
Braintree has created a simple API to get started with…