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Flat File Interchanges with Multiple Document Types

Flat file interchanges with BizTalk are really useful for handling large files that contain messages that need to be individually processed. However one of their limitation is that they only support one flat file schema as the interchange’s document schema:

In some instances, one might want to process interchanges that contain more than one type of message such as:

The flat file has a batch header, and a series of purchases and work orders that have different formats. In order to parse this, one needs to create a flat file schema with a choice group that will make the flat file disassembler parse either of the two formats. That choice schema can then be used as the document schema in the flat file disassembler (the min/max occurs properties of the PO and WO nodes need to be set to 0/1):

And the following…

BizTalk R2 Webcasts

Some useful webcasts to get started with BizTalk R2:
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BizTalk Books!

You can find a dedicated page for BizTalk books on B&N!

Beyond the Flat File Wizard in BTS 2006 – Part 1

I was recently helping one of our clients parse a record-based flat file where the records are mostly positional identified by a tag. The issue was that the flat file was a credit card transaction log where each record, identified by a tag, is a sibling to the other records with no specific order in which the records appear. Such a scenario cannot be handled by an “out of the box”  usage of the FF wizard. This series of postings will focus on explaining how BizTalk Flat File schemas are structured, analyze the output of the FF wizard and how to customize it.
BizTalk handles Flat Files through the use of flat file extensions defined within schema annotations (more about annotations…, more about flat file extensions…). A receive pipeline component known as a Flat File Disassembler (or assembler for the send counterpart) can act on these extensions to parse an…

Merging Map Pages

One of the questions I was recently asked in the seminar we gave in NY a few weeks ago is whether it is possible to merge links and functoids from multiple pages into one page in the BizTalk mapper (without having to delete and redefine). I never came across such a request but my first reaction was to edit the xml source of the .btm file and it was really easy to get around. The schema is pretty simple defining source and destination schemas, pages, links and functoids.  Moving the links and functoids around is just a matter of copying them under the target page.
In summary, all you have to do is Right-Click the map in your solution explorer and select “open with…”, select the standard VS XML editor and you’re all set.

My source xml looks like:
    <Page Name=“Page 1“>

NYC and Farmington BizTalk 06 Seminars

We always enjoy giving presentations and seminars on BizTalk 2006 and show IT and business stakeholders what BizTalk can do for their business. Last week was no exception with our Tallan Fall Seminars series.
In both events we had a focused group of companies/individuals who were mostly looking into adopting better ways to manage their integration processes. The goal of the seminars was to introduce BizTalk and give simple demos on how to perform message integration as well as business process modeling using orchestrations in BizTalk. If you were one of the attendees and want to learn more on how we can help you, contact us for more information.

BizTalk 2006 Seminars in NYC and Hartford Oct. 17-19

It’s that time of the year again where we get to help clients understand what BizTalk Server can do for them. As part of the Tallan Fall Seminars series we will be giving seminars on SOA and BizTalk Server 2006 at Microsoft’s Manhattan offices on Oct. 17 and a TBD venue in Hartford on Oct. 19. The seminars will cover the basics of BizTalk Server for developers with an architecture overview and live demos. These seminars will be really useful for individuals who are new to BizTalk Server or who need to upgrade to the 2006 version. Hope to see you there!