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Tallan’s Dynamic Culture Recognized for High Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Here at Tallan, we are excited to announce our recognition as one of Hartford Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Connecticut!
While the award is a new one for us, we have been celebrating our uniqueness for many years. Our focus on talent has been a leading driver of innovation and year over year growth, but has also lead to increased employee retention and satisfaction in the process. We are committed to bringing out the best in our team, giving them the tools and guidance to deliver innovative software applications and expand their career.

With an eye on expansion to Dallas/Ft. Worth this year, Tallan will continue its accelerated growth, bringing on 45 new team members this year in various regions.
“We have been lucky enough to recruit and retain truly talented technologists and business leaders over the past 30 years,” says…

Recover from a WCF Service Fault, Part 2 (Generic ServiceClientFactory Class)

After finding the simple solution for handling WCF Service Faults I figured it should be relatively trivial to find a generic solution to this problem if you’re using similar WCF clients in a project and want to reset ALL of them on a channel fault.  I developed a generic ServiceClientFactory class that will generate a WCF Service Client instance from a generic “GetClient” function and will automatically handle resetting of faulted channels.
Class Implementation Source Code:
/* Service Client Factory
* Author: Michael Gerety, Senior Consultant, Tallan, Inc.
* Description: A generic service client factory that automatically
* resets faulted channels for WCF services that have
* endpoints and behaviors defined in web/app.config files.

using System;

Recovering a SQL Database Marked ‘Suspect’

If you’ve ever had to develop for SharePoint, you’ve likely had to develop using virtual machines from time to time.   Given the sheer size these VM’s grow to, I generally keep them on external drives.
Yesterday, I accidentally pulled the USB 3.0 cable for my external drive before my machine went into sleep mode while the VM was still running.  When I booted back up, I was met with the following error message in SharePoint:

I launched management studio and found the following:

Luckily, my colleague Brian Feldmann had been through this before and helped me find a solution to bring back a Suspect database.

Change SharePoint Central Admin Top Bar Text

To help make it abundantly clear which central admin site someone is logged into, I wanted to change the top bar text to something other than “SharePoint”.  Turns out you can do that using the SuiteBarBrandingElement value on the Central Administration Web Application object  from PowerShell.

Add–PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $ca = Get–SPWebApplication –IncludeCentralAdministration | ` ?{$_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true} $ca.SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml = “<div class=’ms-core-brandingText’>SP2013 Shared Services Farm (PRODUCTION)</div>“ $ca.Update()


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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Released

We’ve been hearing Q1 2014 as a release date for SharePoint 2013 SP1 for some time now, and most of us have been thinking we’d get that date at SharePoint Conference 2014.  The conference Yammer feed was just updated with the news that SharePoint 2013 SP1 has been released.
SP2013 SP1 Download Info
Installation Tips
Ensure you follow all the guidance listed here when installing:
Windows Server 2012 R2 Support
One major change we’ve been waiting for is support for Server 2012 R2. You *must*  use the slipstreamed version available for download via MSDN, VSLC, or MPN.
What’s New
The issues fixed are listed in the download at the following URL:
Stephan Gossner has provided an FAQ at the following url:

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page – GPO not Applying

During a recent deployment of SharePoint 2013 for a client, we came across an issue with Central Administration getting the error:.
You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.  Please enable scripts and reload this page.
Generally this is resolved by adding the CA site as a Trusted Site.  The client required that trusted sites be added via GPO.
The client added the site to the GPO and we forced a refresh.  We still had the same issue.  After checking internet settings, we found the trusted site was not set.  We attempted reboots and GPO refresh forces to no avail.
IE ESC had been turned on for both Administrators and Users on the server.  After disabling IE ESC, the trusted sites were properly applied and the error disappeared.

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Retrieving Multiple XML Rows from a single row with an XML Column Type in SQL Server

I’m attempting to pull rows from a table with an XML Field Type.  I’m having issues getting multiple values from a single row.
Run the following query to set up the table:



XmlData XML




‘<Course xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:xsd=”” xmlns=”http://someuri.local/CourseRecord.xsd”>





<campus xmlns=”http://someuri.local/campus.xsd”>



<campus xmlns=”http://someuri.local/campus.xsd”>

Creating a SharePoint BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly to Crawl RSS Data in Visual Studio 2010

In this post, I’ll walk you though how to create a SharePoint 2010  BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly in Visual Studio 2010.
We’re going to create an assembly that will allow us to Crawl RSS Feeds using BCS.
Creating a BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly project in Visual Studio 2010
First, create a new project selecting the Sharepoint –> 2010 –>Business Data Connectivity Model.  I’ll call this project RSSModel.

At the SharePoint Customization Wizard screen, select Deploy as a Farm Solution.  Be sure to put in the address of your base web application.

Click Finish.  Visual Studio will create the new project.  Once complete you should be presented with the model designer surface as below:

Updating the Default Project for Our Custom BCS Model
Setting the Model Name
The model is created using default model and entity names.  Lets change those first.  In solution explorer, change the name of the…

Fixing ‘The default web application could not be determined…’ when deploying a .NET BCS Connectivity Assembly in SharePoint 2010

The following error was received when attempting to deploy a .NET BCS Connectivity Assembly to our SharePoint 2010 Farm:
Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution': The default web application could not be determined. Set the SiteUrl property in feature *Model Name*_Feature1 to the URL of the desired site and retry activation.
Parameter name: properties
While the Site URL property is automatically set in the Project properties by the SharePoint Configuration Wizard when creating the project, for some reason it doesn’t set a BCS Custom Property necessary for successful deployment.
To add this property, do the following:
Select the model object in the solution explorer.  This is generally beneath the Package node.  In the properties window, click (Collection) next to Feature Properties and click the elipsis (…) button.

In the Feature Properties window, click the Add button.  Set the Key property to SiteUrl and the…

SharePoint BCS Links

While investigating how to create and deploy custom .NET BCS Connectivity Assemblies, I came across a ton of good links that helped out with some specific issues, and I wanted to share them.
Clearing BCS Service Application Database
The following link describes a method of clearing out the BCS database in order to redeploy BCS custom assemblies that have changed models.  This is useful if you start getting errors about your BCD model not being compliant with previous versions.  It keeps you from having to delete/recreate the BCS Service Application:
Making BCS Model in .NET Connectivity Assembly Searchable
The next link describes the changes to your .NET Connectivity Assembly that are necessary to make your BCS model show up in Content Sources under Line of Business in the SharePoint Search and/or FAST Content SSA’s.
BCS Custom Properties List
Finally, the last link is a list of…