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How to add custom validation logic to validate a phone field in SharePoint

Tallan’s SharePoint Practice Lead, Reddy Kadasani, shows you how to add custom validation logic (UI portion, and code) to validate a phone number field.

Automatically log errors with Elmah in ScriptService-WebService calls

If you’ve used Elmah logging in the past then you know it’s a very useful and easy to set up tool in your web applications.  However, when we encounter errors in web services we sometimes do not get the desired logging into the xml file or database, depending on how you have Elmah configured.  This is because when a error occurs in a script service enabled web service, the errors get serialized into JSON and returned to the ajax caller which is then take by the javascript to handle the exception.  The application is left unaware of the exception occurrence.
There is a way however, to intercept the message before it is returned to the front-end and log the error automatically the way we are used to with Elmah.
First we set up an ErrorHandlerFilter class which will override the default error…

BizTalk- SMTP E-Mail: Compress Attachment in Memory

When trying to send a message via the SMTP adapter in BizTalk we have the option of attaching messages as part of Multi-Part Messages.  If the message being attached is too large the message will fail to send.  In our application, we send email notifications of failed messages in BizTalk with the original message sent as an attachment.
An solution we devised was to compress the original message and attach it to the email.  This solution, however, presented its own considerations.

We didn’t want to create a temporary directory on a server to create the compressed file in.  We wanted to do all of the compression in memory.
Since we were compressing in memory we had to come up with a solution to attach the file to the email message.

The compression in memory is discussed in my posting on File Compression In Memory. …

Hartford Code Camp

This weekend was the first Hartford area Microsoft Code Camp. It was very successful with well over 150 attendees and over 22 presenters. We presented the following topics:

Lee Rodgers – Spring.NET & IOC
Reddy Kadasani – Silverlight – Lighting up the Web

Presentation content and demo content will be posted to this site in the next few days, so please check back.
Addition information about the code camp can be found at the Conneticut .NET user group website (

Adding “Related Items” Field to Your List in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2013 Task forms have a pretty nifty field called Related Items. It allows you to add a reference to another document or site asset to a Task. This is mainly used to display the related item that the task is created for (During a Workflow). Clicking on Add Related Item link and you get a dialog that allows you to

Upload content from your desktop
Select an item from a SharePoint list (yes you can link to a list item as well)

Managed Properties (Limitation) in SharePoint Online

With the new SharePoint Online being touted as the SharePoint platform for the future a number of organizations are planning to move to the cloud and leverage SharePoint online for collaboration and enterprise content management. One of the powerful features in SharePoint 2013 (and SharePoint online) is the new search engine. When you start working with SharePoint online you will encounter a number of differences between how on-premises SharePoint and SharePoint online are administered. One of these is how you work with Managed Properties.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online FAQ

Recently had to field some questions regarding Office 365 and SharePoint online. Thought it would be beneficial for others looking for similar information. Leave a comment if you have additional input on any of these or have other questions regarding this topic:

Upload Profile Pictures to AD and Synchronize with SharePoint

You can use PowerShell or a custom .NET program to upload photos to AD, but there are actually free tools available to easily manage user pictures in AD. Below are the links to two tools I found on a blog while hunting down more information on an efficient way to get this to work. What is part of this blog:

Features of these tools
Links to resources for PowerShell or .NET experts who want to do this the hard way or have other requirements
Steps to Synchronize with SharePoint

SharePoint 2010: OWSTimer Exception – System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException

A common problem after setting up SharePoint 2010 is to get the System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException – Keyset Not set error.
A few notes regarding this:

This is a known issue with .NET and SP2010.
It is not a critical issue however.
The Timer service is recycled every so often to reclaim system resources. The exception is thrown during the shutdown process. When you check the timer service everything seems to running fine, except that you see the exception logged in the event log of course.
If you have Visual Studio installed, you may also see the “do you want to debug” dialog.

A detailed explanation of why this happens is provided here and here
Although the author above mentions why this problem occurs, there is no real “solution” to the issue which is a bit troublesome.

Power View Resources

I was doing some research on Power View capabilities recently and came across some good blogs on it, thought I will compile and share it:
Video Series: Visualizing the Summer Olympics. Microsoft Senior Program Manager Sean Boon created a good blog series on Power View. He talks about how you can set custom images in power view.
Power View Design Tasks:
Images in PowerView: Static and data linked images
PowerPivot Model for PowerView Reports
Power View Help for SQL Server 2012