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.NetTiers Component Business Layer Architecture

I posted a blog on my blog site that takes a look at the Patterns used in the .NetTier Service Layer Architecture.  Check it out at … [dead link]
~Stan Kennedy

ASP.NET MVC presentation materials from Code Camp 10

Hi all,
Acouple of weekends ago at Code Camp 10, I presented on the ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) Framework. As promised, I have attached the presentation for all to see.
I would like to thank my co-worker Stan Kennedy for his assistance with the slide deck (actually, he deserves most, if not all of the credit for it) and everyone that showed up to the presentation. I hope everyone learned something – I certainly did as well.
I would like to direct everyone over to the ASP.NET MVC site, which is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about it – and would recommend anyone who wants to start out with it to view Stephen Walther’s How-to videos on the subject (also on the ASP.NET MVC site) as well.
Additionally, I know there were some questions around REST and what it…

Nino Crudele’s BizTalk NoS Add-in

Nino Crudele, BizTalk MVP, demonstrated his NoS BizTalk Add-In for Visual Studio at the Integrate 2014 conference in Redmond.  In short, it’s a set of Visual Studio Add-in’s that delivers on the promise of taking BizTalk Development and troubleshooting to the next level.
Also, check out Sandro’s blog here…

BizTalk Server 2013 – Unable to configure BAM

I was installing and configuring BizTalk Server 2013 for a client in a multi-server configuration (separate BizTalk application and BizTalk SQL servers).  While configuring BAM, I received the following error:
A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server) (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)
Microsoft has released a hot fix for this issue:
To resolve the issue, apply the fix that is introduced in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article:
FIX: The vertical scroll bar on the target schema does not work correctly when you use Visual Studio to design a BizTalk Server 2013 map

Note KB 2830546 includes the…

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 – New Schemas

One of the great things about using BizTalk Server as your integration platform is that you get a significant amount of schemas right out of the box. Microsoft has done a great job keeping up with industry standards such as EDI (supply chain logistics and more), HL7 (healthcare), HIPAA (healthcare) , SWIFT (financial services).
With BizTalk 2013, the following versions are now available:

HL7 2.5.1 and 2.6


SWIFT 2012

EDI X12 5030+ and EDIFACT D05B+
Also, HL7 in BizTalk 2013 has some new features including:

Recoverable Interchange support in HL7 pipeline for Batch In Batch Out Scenario


HAT is removed, but logging feature remains intact

“Auditing and Logging Service” is renamed HL7 Logging Service”
Visit our Tallan BizTalk page at to learn more about how Tallan can help upgrade to the latest standards.

Azure IaaS BizTalk Server 2013 Provision Under 30 Minutes

I needed a sandbox BizTalk server for BizTalk proof of concepts.  I decided to use Windows Azure IaaS and more specifically the BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation.  Here is what I did:

Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS)

Previously known as Azure EAI EDI Labs, the public preview launched today. I am especially excited about the EDI B2B solution in this new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.
Some of the tutorial links on Microsoft’s website are still being sorted out, but you can start with the Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK here:
Learn more about the services and browse tutorials here:

BizTalk Server 2013 beta (not 2010 R2)

It’s very exciting to see the new major release of BizTalk – BizTalk 2013 beta. There has been much speculation around what it will be called since the Tech Ed announcement this year in Orlando.  Microsoft will continue to support the platform with BizTalk 2013 (not 2010 R2 as previously announced).  I’m reassured that the BizTalk 2013 version will be a significant commitment from Microsoft because there is typically a 5 year major release support model which takes us well into 2017.
I’m especially excited about some of the new features including: REST support, Azure Service Bus send/receive adapters, SFTP adapter support, and especially ESB Toolkit integrated into the platform!  Tallan will be blogging more on this new platform as we start working through client installations, feature proof of concepts, and cloud demo/presentations.

BizTalk and Windows Azure Service Bus as Relay

Recently, I presented a webinar “Secure Integration Messaging with BizTalk and Windows Azure Service Bus (formerly known as AppFabric Service Bus).
I’d like to take some time and walk through creating the solution.  In this webinar, I demonstrated how to process inbound orders from external trading partners into our on-premise middle-ware platform (which routes orders to the fulfillment order processing systems).  One of the key components to solving this integration problem was Windows Azure Service Bus.  The Windows Azure Service Bus exposes an endpoint and acts as a relay service to external endpoints. BizTalk 2010 can now natively connect to the Service Bus using the AppFabric Connect feature.  This feature can be installed from the BizTalk 2010 installation media.
Here is the overall architecture:

Below illustrates the integrated external B2B partners into our internal LOB systems flow…

I’ll walk you through how I created this simple solution:
1) Create…

TechEd 2012: BizTalk Future & Azure Service Bus

I Just returned from TechEd 2012 and one of my favorite sessions was ‘Application Integration Futures – The Road Map and What’s Next in Windows Azure‘.  It was refreshing to see the first slide’s title “Key takeaways: we are innovating in BizTalk”.
Here is the abbreviated message from the slide deck:

Continued investment in BizTalk – take your investment forward
BizTalk Server: releasing 6 months after Windows 8
Enabling new Azure based BizTalk scenarios in IaaS & PaaS
Bringing together BizTalk on-premises and Azure
Bet on BizTalk and continue to buy
BizTalk on IaaS coming soon – reduce hardware procurement lead time; reduce time & cost setup and configuration (expect “base BizTalk images”; move apps to Azure and back easily
BizTalk on PaaS – we are already seeing EAI & EDI on Service Bus using Bridges, Transforms, and trading partner management

Here is the timeline (taken from the presentation slide deck)