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Add Over 10 Slices To A Visio Pie Chart, And Bind Thickness to External Data

This blog post will explain how to accomplish the seemingly easy task of adding over ten slices to a Visio pie chart. This is done using Visio 2013, but the steps using 2010 and 2007 should be very similar. Once all the slices are added to the pie chart, each individual slice will be bound to external data, giving them a dynamic thickness.

Using Data Graphics in Visio 2013

Visio 2013 was released recently with updates including the new visio file format .vsdx, easier collaboration abilities and my favorite, the ability to provide data graphics to shapes. In this blog I will be discussing some of the basics of creating and using these data graphics with both internal Visio data and external data sources.

Installing and Configuring Small SharePoint Farm in VirtualBox

I recently installed and configured a small SharePoint farm containing two virtual servers using Oracle Virtual Box and decided to share my experience of the process. For the most part the configuration is simple, but there are a number of common small discrepancies that can be the difference between your servers communicating correctly, or you throwing your laptop out of the window after a week of errors. I will not be going through a click by click summary of setting up the SharePoint farm, and will instead be giving a high level overview of the process and spend more time on these issues I ran into.

Visio Services-Binding Data to Line Graph

Visio Professional 2013 allows users to bind dynamic data to shapes, external images, sheets, graphs, and just about anything else you can put in a Visio doc. Out of the box, Visio provides some data graphics which allows you to display this data visually. The exhaustive list of data graphics provided is: text callouts, data bar, icon sets, and color by value. When creating a relatively complex custom dashboard, these four graphics just don’t cut it, as I sadly discovered. One problem I ran in to is the fact that after binding a data row to a line graph, you can’t use data fields to dictate the placement of points in the graph (although it is possible to bind each bar in a bar chart to fields).  After scouring the internet for a way to do this, and eventually having…