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Chatbots Get One Step Closer to Direct to Consumer with Google’s Adlingo

By now it should be readily apparent that Chatbots have become the new normal when it comes to must-have technologies for companies. From customer service to retail, Chatbots have been saturating every aspect of our business. One such area that has seen a huge uptick in activity has been in the area of digital advertising.
Companies such as Revlon and Coca-Cola have been tapping into the power of Chatbots in order to help create campaigns around new products. The advantages of this type of campaign are that companies are able to extract much more data from the consumer by utilizing a chat-like interface. This opens the door to a whole new area of analytics with things like keyword extraction and sentiment analysis. In addition, Chatbots are able to pivot the conversation around specific things that the consumer has said and thus…

Choosing the Correct AI Developer


AI is one of the hottest trends in tech right now, and therefore it’s no surprise that there is literally an army of consulting companies out there right now who are ready willing and able to help clients pursue the dream of AI. However, with a saturated market comes the age old question of “do these guys really know what they are doing?” In a field like AI where the technology itself is often too complex to comprehend it can be very easy to partner with a company that says all the right things but doesn’t have the chops to back any of it up.
I recently read an article on Forbes that sought to help consumers weed out the charlatans by listing the top 5 questions to ask to ensure that an AI vendor can deliver results. Being an AI…

Have a Question About Chatbots? We have the answers.

Hundreds of interested technologists, marketers, customer service professionals and AI enthusiasts joined Tallan and Pluralsight for an informative webinar – “Chatbot Technology: The Innovative Enterprise Solution, hosted by Tallan’s very own Matt Kruczek. During that webinar one thing became very clear – chatbots are hot! Beyond the buzzwords, everyone wants to know how they can implement chatbots to benefit their business, and they came prepared with a number of questions. So we narrowed down the list to the most common, burning questions and answered them here for you!
With more people using Chatbots to make purchases, are you seeing (or anticipating) a backlash in consumer trust with the risk of hacks or security breaches?
There is always going to be an element of apprehension when it comes to utilizing any type of new service involving online payments.  However, from a technology standpoint it’s…

The new Guided Access feature for iOS 6

Following on from my other blog post on the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2012), I wanted to highlight another overlooked aspect of the new iOS6 called Guided Access.
This was a feature that Apple originally created for people with disabilities. Essentially what the feature allows you to do is lock out certain aspects of an app or the device. For example, one of my friends has an iPad that he lets his young son play with. One of the problems that he usually has is that sometimes his son will accidentally press the Home or the Settings button on the iPad so that my friend will have to take the iPad and go back into the app for his son. With this new feature, my friend can lock out any of the buttons on the app, including the home screen,…

WWDC 2012 Thoughts

This week I’m at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2012) in San Francisco and I want to share with you some of the new improvements made by Apple that will be available in the coming weeks. Instead of trying to break down each and every one of the fantastic new features, I’m going to instead try to highlight the ones that I really think will be beneficial from a “business developer” standpoint.
The first thing that really caught my eye was the new app Passbook. Quite simply, what Apple has done with Passbook is to give iOS apps that use “in app ticketing” a place to store and publicizetheir information.
For example, when I was at the airport, waiting in the security line, I witnessed one woman take her iPhone and scan it into a machine. Upon closer inspection, I realized…