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Working with Web Services Using the Boomi API

Mohammed Malick

In this blog we are going to discuss how we can use Boomi API to overcome some of the limitations of using Web Service Server connectors.
Here are some of the limitations we discussed in our previous blog.

In REST service, how do we restrict the process to support specific REST verbs, for example say the process should accept only the GET/POST and reject DELETE/PUT.
Passing queries/parameter in the URL itself
Something like this http://SERVER:9090/ws/simple/getBlogs/blogid/1 or this http://SERVER:9090/ws/simple/getBlogs?blogid=1
Managing or assigning multiple web services end point to a Boomi process

This blog post will discuss ways to work with the Boomi AtomSphere API to work around these limitations
Before we begin using Boomi API, we need to verify access to the Boomi API.
Login into Boomi portal, In the top right menu, select API Management.

If you are able to see below screen then you have the access to…