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Three .NET Best Practices to Keep in Mind

Practice #1: Catch Exceptions at the Highest Possible Level (Tier)
In general, exceptions should be bubbled up to the highest possible level to be caught and processed.  For example, in our project, a search goes through the following logical tiers:
UI -> Services -> Data/SharePoint/Refinement -> Web Services
There are quite a few instances where we’re catching exceptions in the Data or Services layer, logging them using common logging components or configurations, and then swallowing the exception one way or another.
This is a bad practice for few reasons:

This behavior is not transparent to developers that may be using the DLL but do not have access to the source code.
Logging from lower tier components is generally a bad idea, as it either requires a static logging location embedded in the dll or creates a dependency on the UI to provide pre-determined logging mechanism (i.e….