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Geospatial Support for Circular Data in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 adds many significant improvements to the spatial support that was first introduced with SQL Server 2008. In this blog post, I’ll explore one of the more notable enhancements: support for curves and arcs (circular data). SQL Server 2008 only supported straight lines, or polygons composed of straight lines. The three new shapes in SQL Server 2012 are circular strings, compound curves, and curve polygons. All three are supported in Well-Known Text (WKT), Well-Known Binary (WKB), and Geometry Markup Language (GML) by both the geometry (planar, or “flat-earth” model) and geography (ellipsoidal sphere, or geodetic) data types, and all of the existing methods work on the new shapes.
Circular Strings
A circular string defines a basic curved line, similar to how a line string defines a straight line. It takes a minimum of three coordinates to define a circular string;…