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Connecting anything to anything: How the MuleSoft team got a Commodore 64 to tweet

When MuleSoft engineering recently organized a two-day internal hackathon, their team of four:

Jeff Harris – Principal Engineer
James Hall – Interaction Designer
Steven Butt – Senior Software Engineer
James Nieper – Senior DevOps Engineer

immediately got to work brainstorming what to build.  Very quickly they gravitated towards creating an interactive IoT installation that would illustrate how MuleSoft’s technology makes it easy to connect the world’s data and devices together in interesting and useful ways. Moreover, MuleSoft also wondered how far they could stretch the limits of connectivity. What if they could connect to something that didn’t have an API ready for them to use? What if they could connect to something that had never been a part of the internet before? That was when MuleSoft decided to try and turn a Commodore 64 into an IoT device!

The Commodore 64 was introduced in 1982 and was the best selling personal computer in history.  In its day, it…