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Book Announcement! Introducing “Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012″

I’m very happy to announce that I am authoring Tallan’s new book on SQL Server 2012! The full title, “Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012” will technically be published by O’Reilly, yet it will be branded as a Microsoft Press book, and will feature Tallan’s logo on the front cover. O’Reilly recently acquired MS Press, but retained the Microsoft logo and theme, which I’m really glad about. I much prefer the picture of a cool tool on a black and red cover over some some weird animal, don’t you?
This book is an update to the SQL Server 2008 edition I wrote three years ago, with many similarities but also some very notable differences. I’m extremely pleased to once again team together with Andrew Brust, who will be writing the chapters on SQL CLR, column stores, BI, and SQL Azure. Andrew was…