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Building a Real-time IoT Dashboard with Power BI: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Last month, Microsoft released a set of features in preview designed to make it easier than ever to display real-time streaming data in your Power BI dashboards. Check out the announcement if you haven’t already. Today, Microsoft wants to show you just how easy this can be.
Many of you have expressed interest in using Power BI to display real-time sensor data. In this tutorial, Microsoft will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up a Raspberry Pi weather station, and showing the resulting temperature and humidity data in real-time with Power BI. Here’s a sneak peek of the end result:

Have other use cases in mind? Don’t have access to the materials below? No sweat. The lessons and sample code in this tutorial are broadly applicable for a wide range of IoT scenarios. And, as always, please let Microsoft know if you have…