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How to Leverage the Cloud to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Think your customers love your value proposition? According to a recent study, eighty percent of you do. But only eight percent of your customers actually agree that you provide superior value!
Now that’s a sad state of affairs, for you and for your customers. It’s axiomatic that great customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty – which drives repeat business (revenue), and in turn – profit. One example: after following up on sales leads identified by loyalty surveys, CDW saw revenue increases of $230 million.
Just as important: any number of studies (here’s one from the Harvard Business Review) show a well-defined correlation between customer satisfaction and a rising stock price (as well as lower volatility in both stock price and cash flow).
Microsoft has been talking about using data collected on the Web to improve customer intimacy for a long time, since Peppers and Rogers…

Dynamics CRM2013 Reporting: Error Pre-Filtering Report w/ Multiple DataSources

On a recent client I had the task of making one of our already existing Dynamics CRM reports use pre-filtering. This is normally a very straight forward procedure and you can find steps to do this on the following link: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb955092.aspx.
Now given the complexity of the query used to populate this specific report I needed to use explicit pre-filtering. Once again, this is something that should be fairly straight forward to do. After I finished adjusting the report to use explicit pre-filtering I then deployed my report out to CRM. But when I tried running the report I got the following error: The expected parameter has not been supplied for the report

CRM BizTalk Integration using Azure Service Bus

You may face the same challenges that I experienced when integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and BizTalk. The objective is to capture events in real-time and transmit them to an outside system without losing the order of events. There are two web methods exposed by CRM web services, “Retrieve” and “RetrieveMultiple”. The CRM web services provide a way of querying different entities to achieve what we wanted. However, I tried a different approach to solve this integration challenge by using Azure Service Bus Queues. Azure Service Bus Queues provide a robust and flexible implementation of Publish-Subscribe pattern. The picture depicts the scenario that we have implemented.

CRM 4.0 Customization Synchronization Issue

Recently, I came across a very odd issue in CRM 4.0. This issue popped up because of an improper deploy/refresh in conjunction with the removal of an entity between test and production servers. It was very out of the ordinary, and I had not seen anything like it before.
The Issue at Hand
This issue was that we were unable to publish the Appointment entity. We were able to publish all of the other entities, but trying to publish the Appointment alone would fail. We could import previous versions of the entity, but all of them had the same effect. This is a critical issue because if  you are unable to publish an entity, then you can no longer modify that entity.
Research Time
So this is when I started to dig around. I first noticed that where was a blank lookup field on…