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It’s a File System… It’s a Database Table… It’s SQL Server Denali FileTable!

SQL Server 2008 introduced FILESTREAM, an innovative feature that integrates the relational database engine with the NTFS file system to provide highly efficient storage and management of BLOBs. Now FileTable, a new feature coming in the next version of SQL Server (code-named “Denali”), builds on FILESTREAM and takes database BLOB management to the next level. In this post, I’ll explain FileTable and show you how it works. I also encourage you to experiment with FileTable yourself by downloading and installing SQL Server Denali CTP3 from http://bit.ly/DenaliCTP3 (but be sure to install it on a virtual machine; beta software can be difficult or impossible to uninstall).
Note: FileTable relies on FILESTREAM, so you need to understand FILESTREAM to fully understand FileTable. If you’re new to FILESTREAM, you can get the necessary background by reading Introducing FILESTREAM, Enabling and Using FILESTREAM, and Using…