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Add a simple form to a List View in SharePoint

Have you ever wished you could add a button or a simple form to a list view in SharePoint? Client Side Rendering using JSLink makes it easy. Of course you could add some JavaScript in a  Content Editor Web Part but you don’t have the same direct access to the list data and doing that also causes the ribbon to disappear until the user clicks on the List View Web Part which can be confusing for your users. JSLink allows you to add JavaScript to the page without causing this behavior. There are other advantages also, depending on how you choose to implement it.

User Impersonation with SharePoint

Recently I had to create a custom web part where all users needed the ability to fill out a text box with some feedback and then submit it to a list where it could be reviewed. This is a pretty simple control to implement if the users that will be submitting the form have “Contribute” permissions on the list that the form will be submitted to, but what happens if users with “Read” permissions should also have the ability to fill out the form?
Fortunately, SharePoint makes it super simple to write custom code that can impersonate other users.

How to add custom validation logic to validate a phone field in SharePoint

Tallan’s SharePoint Practice Lead, Reddy Kadasani, shows you how to add custom validation logic (UI portion, and code) to validate a phone number field.

Document Library Folder Names: “Forms”

I recently stumbled upon this little bug by accident. If you create a folder called “Forms” in a document library, you won’t be able to re-name it or delete it directly. Backing up for a second, you can’t create a folder called “Forms” directly as a top-level folder in the library – the name conflicts with the hidden “Forms” folder that is inherit in any document library. However, SharePoint will allow you to create such a folder as a sub-folder to another folder.
Let’s say, for example, that you create a folder called “HR Documents,” inside which you create folders called “Policies,” “Procedures,” and “Forms.” If you try to delete or rename the “Forms” folder, SharePoint spits back an error message. This, apparently, is a known bug, but I have not come across a fix, as of yet.
The only way to…