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Resolving an obscure BizTalk 2010 build issue

I recently started work on upgrading a BizTalk 2006 R2 application to BizTalk 2010. I upgraded the solution to VS 2010, deployed the application to my local BizTalk and verified everything was working.
The next step was to start work on automating the build and deployment process. A perfect opportunity to leverage the TFS and MSBuild support introduced in BizTalk 2009.
In order to build a BizTalk 2010 project, I need to install the BizTalk Project Build Components on the TFS build agent. Unfortunately, the client was using Windows Server 2003 R2 for the existing TFS 2008 Build Agent (BizTalk 2010 requires Windows Server 2008 and above.)

To work around this, we installed TFS 2008 Build on the BizTalk 2010 Development machine and added it as an Agent to the TFS server. (This is a short-term work-around until the client creates a dedicated…