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Saved Searches as Best Practice for Connections to NetSuite

Although Boomi’s standard NetSuite connector can implement filtering within the connector itself, relying on saved searches to implement filtering is a much more robust design pattern.
The out-of-the-box NetSuite connector implements parameterized filtering that will be included in the request sent to the NetSuite endpoint. This filtering is useful during testing or in cases where the number of records being queried. However, a more robust and abstracted method of filtering is to make use of NetSuite Saved Searches. This methodology also allows NetSuite users to take ownership of their data, instead of relying on developers to make changes to filtering.
This eliminates the need for excessive filters in the connector itself. If at any point the filters in a native NetSuite connector need to change, the interface would have to be redeployed. This could become tedious and error prone. A Saved Search…

Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi – Part 2

Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi
Part 2: Retrieving Custom Segment Data with SOAP Request
Due to limitations in the NetSuite API which Boomi utilizes, Custom Segments are unable to be returned from a standard connector shape. A profile imported with Boomi’s standard NetSuite connector and operation will not contain any Custom Segments. To work around this, a SOAP connector is needed in order to send a modified HTTP request that includes requests for the custom segment.
The examples in this tutorial will being using the Inventory Item base entity in NetSuite to show the use of item level custom segments. The principles in this tutorial could be applied to any NetSuite entity.
Two shapes are needed to replace a NetSuite connector in a Boomi process: a message shape and a SOAP connector. The HTTP request will be set in the message shape. The…

Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi – Part 1

Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi
Part 1: Importing Custom Segments to Boomi Cross Reference Tables
Due to limitations in NetSuite, custom segments are not available to choose as results in saved searches. This limitation requires the custom segment data to be retrieved using a SOAP connector with the custom segments explicitly requested instead of a normal NetSuite connector.
Custom Segments can be viewed by navigating to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Custom Segments. Or by searching for “Custom Segments”.

Custom segments are comprised of ID/Value pairs. More information can be applied to these values, such as hierarchy and active/inactive flags, but a simple Custom Segment will be used in this example, shown below.

The values themselves will not be returned by NetSuite, and the IDs are not very useful in and of themselves. The IDs that are returned will need to be…