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S#arp Architecture

I have been doing some work and research with ASP.NET MVC 2.0.  My first interest was to try to figure out how to get Dependency Injection working with ASP.NET.  I started doing investigating how to link in Springframework.net.  This direction led me down a track that required some manual configuration.  This is when i found S#arp Architecture, which I found very interesting since it gave you the benefits without the configuration up front.
S#arp Architecture is a project template for Visual Studio that will set you up with a ASP.NET MVC application that is already wired up for Dependency Injection and using nHibernate for data access.  more information can be found on the S#arp Architecture website and wiki.
My findings so far have been very positive.  Within about 45 minutes I had a web application with some basic CRUD functionality.  This functionality…