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Educators, Increase Collaboration and Professional Development with New Office 365 Education Updates

As part of Microsoft’s Education announcement in April, Microsoft announced new experiences and updates to Office 365 Education coming this summer that will make it easier for teachers to manage their classroom and collaborate with peers, and for them or their IT administrators to set it all up. As part of this announcement, Microsoft mentioned there’d be even more updates coming this summer! Microsoft is thrilled to share these with you today—all are teacher inspired and student focused.
Today, Microsoft is announcing enhanced educator collaboration with PLC groups, better content sharing with Docs.com, easier formative assessments with Microsoft Forms and additional Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) partners with OneNote Class Notebook.
All educators have access to these new updates through Office 365 Education, which is totally free for teachers and students when you go to office.com/teacher.
Educator collaboration with PLC groups
Aside from getting started with the technology, Microsoft…