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BizTalk Property Schemas in Different Namespaces

In BizTalk 2006 R2, I have noticed that sometimes the promoted property fields are not available.  This seemed to be a random occurance so I decided to spend a little time investigating.
Problem Scenario:
The property schema field will not show up in a Receive Shape filter. No matter how many times you build, rebuild, and close the solution it will not show up.  Just for kicks, I set the property schema field to “MessageContextPropertyBase” (the default is MessageDataPropertyBase). I then built the project and sure enough the property field now shows up.  Good right?  Wrong – This type is only used for property fields that are promoted that are NOT included in your message.  For example, if you had a custom pipeline that promoted a property not included in the message schema.  The MessageDataPropertyBase should be used for fields included in…