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Create a Multi Column Display Template for SharePoint

SharePoint Display Templates make it fairly easy as a developer to set how search results are rendered for the end user. Just download a copy of an out-of-box display template, modify the markup, add some JavaScript, upload it to SharePoint and you’ve got yourself a new “template” for rendering search results. If you’re new to display templates take a look at SharePoint 2013 Design Manager display templates on MSDN.
As a developer, you have complete control over the way end users see and interact with search results. This post focuses on how you can create a column based display template. The end result will render items in a two column view where items flow top to bottom, left to right.

AutoSPInstaller – Error: The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role

With the recent release of SharePoint 2016, I decided it was time to perform an install in a Lab environment to check out all the new bells and whistles. So, I went over to codeplex and downloaded the latest version of everybody’s favorite SharePoint installation script, AutoSPInstaller*.
*At the time of this writing the version of AutoSPInstaller was v3.99.51.
Environment Information
The lab environment consists of four servers:

(2) Front End Servers
(1) Application Server
(1) Search Server
(1) Database Server

Each server is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition and SharePoint 2016 was to be installed on the Front End, Application and Search servers.