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New Spatial Features in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 adds many significant improvements to the spatial support that was first introduced with SQL Server 2008. Among the more notable enhancements is support for curves (arcs), where SQL Server 2008 only supported straight lines, or polygons composed of straight lines. Microsoft also provides methods that test for non-2012-compatible (curved) shapes, and convert circular data to line data for backward compatibility with SQL Server 2008 (as well as other mapping platforms that don’t support curves).
New Spatial Data Classes
The three new spatial data classes in SQL Server 2012 are:

Circular strings
Compound curves
Curve polygons

All three of these shapes are supported in WKT, WKB, and GML by both the geometry and geography data types, and all of the existing methods work on all of the new circular shapes. My previous post, Geospatial Support for Circular Data in SQL Server 2012 covers these…