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Cache as a cross-cutting concern

I have been recently asked to look into the cache feature within Springmodule in Java community.
Since my current project utilizes spring and aop, I thought it would be a great idea to utilize AOP to cache data.
I actually wrote a prototype file and it was a very rudimentary yet working prototype.  However, I soon realized that Springmodules already created such feature, and it toally is a great feature to use.
Using simple AOP concept, you intercept the method call and using method parameters as HashKeyGenerator input values, the Springmodules’s cache simply get/put data from/into cache storage.  Currently, I configured it to using OSCache for its native support by Springmodule Cache Provider.
I believe as the frameworks such as Spring evolves, developers can truly focus on their logic and development without worries of logging, security, cache, and any other cross-cutting concerns.  AOP is…