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Introducing SQL Server Developer Tools (code-named “Juneau”)

With SQL Server Denali CTP3 released just two weeks ago, I’ve been ramping up fast as I write the new edition of Tallan’s SQL Server book (Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012, O’Reilly) and prepare for upcoming presentations at the NJSQL User Group (Sep 20) and the SDC event in the Netherlands (Oct 2/3). I recently spent a lot of time working with the Juneau CTP3, code name for the new SQL Server Developer Tools (SSDT), set to ship with SQL Server 2012 (code named Denali) next year. I’m extremely impressed with the features of this new tool, and delighted at the notion that most developers will no longer need to toggle between Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), because they may very well never again need to use SSMS at all!
This is not to say that SSDT is…