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Continuous Integration with TFS and Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft provides a useful tutorial (located here) for running a TFS Continuous Delivery configuration, and automatically publishing to Azure. This tutorial, while instructive, is somewhat out of date, and it may be useful to have a more personalized experience of building such a continuous deployment, while running through the instructions on the tutorial.
As may be the case for others, the TFS server used for running automated builds was already setup and configured, and the project to be built already linked to this server, so I won’t go into that here. The build server is running TFS 2013, and the ASP.NET MVC5 application being built and deployed is running on Visual Studio 2013.
After verifying the functionality of the build server, I created a package build in TFS Team Build. These configuration settings are for the most part self-explanatory, but the exact configuration in the…

ScrumDashboard V3 in TFS 2010 with SharePoint 2010

A few of our teams have been using the EMC (formerly Conchango) Scrum for Team System process template for TFS.  We’re doing a migration at a client over to TFS 2010 from TFS 2008, and were attempting to move to the newest version of the process template along with it.
Project Portal Problems
TFS 2010 ships with integration by default for WSS 3.0 for project portals, with the option to use SharePoint 2010, which we decided to go with.  While the process template comes with a WSS3.0 SharePoint .wsp, the developers had offered an updated version of the .wsp for SharePoint 2010, which was basically a retargeted version of the SharePoint 2007 features.  This resulted in project portals with the old SharePoint 2007 look and feel with a ton of visual issues and errors interspersed throughout.
Updated SharePoint 2010 .wsp for Scrum for…

How to setup TFS Check-in alerts for specific folders in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

This walkthrough will explain how to setup email alerts in TFS when there is a check-in. Using this method, you can not only select a TFS Project, but you can also select an individual folder. This is useful if you are not interested in some folders in the project, but want alerts on others.
TFS Check-In Alerts in Visual Studio 2008
First, TFS Power Tools must be installed for Visual Studio 2008 (Link), and Team Explorer (Link).
First make sure you are connected to TFS.
Tools >> Connect to Team Foundation Server…
Open Source Control Explorer.
View >> Other Windows >> Source Control Explorer.
Navigate to the folder that you want notifications on.
Right click and select “Alert on Change…”

The following popup window will display. From here you can set the alert name and the email that you want to send it to. It will try to default…