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EDI and Dell Boomi – Part 2

In our last post we were able to import an EDI Profile using Dell Boomi’s built in tools and we learned a little bit about how Boomi processes EDI. This time we will be modifying our 810 profile with some custom fields that our “business” requires.
From last time, the file we’re working with for this sample looks like this:
We already have a profile that can handle the input of this file, but let’s say one of our department heads just notified us they would like to keep track of the type of truck the order an invoice was for was driven on.
We’ll say that information in our file will look something like this:
Let’s add this segment below our N1 Loop in the Header Loop, we’ll say that this information is static for an entire invoice so it makes sense to…

EDI and Dell Boomi – Part 1

Dell Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform with many capabilities, EDI being no exception.
EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, which is a method to communicate data across various platforms and technologies. It provides a very versatile way to send data such as order and healthcare information very quickly in a standardized way. This standardization comes from the many EDI file types which exist. These file types are denoted by their respective numbers. For example, an 810 file is used to represent an Invoice.
EDI Files can be intimidating at first glance, but once you understand some basic syntax they become logical to read. For example, here’s a very small 810 Invoice file below:
Each line in the file is called a “Segment”. Within each segment there are numerous “Elements”, each element is separated by an “Element Delimiter”. In the case of our…

MABS EAI Bridge LoB Lookup (Part 1 of 2)

Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (MABS) has a lot to offer for companies looking for a PaaS Middleware solution.  EAI bridges provide B2B communication as well as LoB access functionality for EDI, XML, and flat file interchanges.  The new mapping system offers some exciting and powerful new functionality as well, vastly simplifying certain tasks that previously required several functiods, and opening up new possibilities and enhanced performance with lists.
However, it is a new technology, and certain tasks that have been very straightforward in BizTalk Server 2013 require a different way of thinking for MABS.  For example, it is a fairly trivial task to create an orchestration that accesses a LoB adapter (using, for example, WCF slqBinding) to do data validation or enhancement, and publishing this orchestration as a web service for client consumption. If your SQL database is SQL Azure, there…