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Updategram with multiple tables with foreign keys

Updategram Overview
Since SQL Server 2000, updategrams along with OPENXML have been available to insert, update, or delete data using XML documents. An updategram works against the XML views that are provided by the annotated XSD schema that contains the information required to map to the tables and columns to be modified. Using an updategram to manipulate one table in BizTalk is very straight forward because it integrates right into the Add Generated Items wizard for the SQL Adapter. Manipulating more than one table takes a little more effort because the wizard does not allow the user to select more than one table.
Multiple table insert updategram
There are two options to create an updategram in BizTalk for multiple tables; either manually or using the wizard to generate each individual table insert updategram and then manually merging them together. The next three figures…