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Deploying a Site to an Azure VM using Web Deploy

Deploying to an Azure VM is a seemingly simple and easy process, but there are many steps, and thus many places to make mistakes.  Recently I discovered that many, if not all, of the online resources detailing this process are either incomplete or severely outdated.  Here I will outline the configuration and deployment process with up to date information, including instructions pertaining to the new Microsoft Azure Portal.
To get started, you will need a few things that this tutorial does not cover. This tutorial assumes that your Azure VM is already provisioned, deployed, and running IIS (Internet Information Services). The VM should be running Windows Server 2012 R2 or later.  This also assumes that you have administrator access to the Azure Subscription associated with the VM.
Configuring IIS on the Virtual Machine:
First, we’re going to need to install some IIS features.  To assist…

Creating a Windows 10 Preview VHD That Can Run as a Hyper-V VM and Can Boot Natively

When the Windows 10 Technical Preview came out earlier this month, I wanted to see kick the tires a bit and see what was new. However, I need my laptop to work reliably, so I couldn’t take the risk of installing Windows 10 over my Windows 8.1 installation.
So, I decided to install it to a Virtual Machine (VM) running in Hyper-V. This would allow me to run Windows 10 in a “sandbox” that would not affect my primary operating system. It would also allow me to multitask – doing my normal day-to-day activities on my laptop, while still “playing around” with Windows 10.
The other thing I wanted to be able to do is native boot into the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) used by this VM. VHD native boot is a nice feature that was added with Windows 7 and Server…

Creating a Bootable VHD That Can Also Be Run from a Virtual Machine

I was preparing for a convention where Tallan was going to demonstrate two web-based systems in an exhibit hall. To do this, I needed to setup Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) running Windows Server 2008 R2. I wanted to be able to run the VHDs in a Virtual Machine (VM) so that I could setup the demo operating systems and accompanying software in the background while still doing my “day job” on my primary operating system, Windows 7. I also wanted to be able to natively boot off of the VHD in order to utilize all machine resources and optimize performance when doing the actual demos at the convention.
Being new to the VHD world, I thought that this would be simple and straight-forward. While not a technical feat by any stretch of the imagination, it did take me a few tries…