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Quartz.NET Job Scheduler Error: Failure occurred during job recovery

So, I was trying to hook up Quartz.NET with a Windows Service to provide a scheduled job that would execute on a daily trigger. I am using SQL Server as the persistence store for the jobs and triggers created by quartz.
I deployed and tested it on my local box and everything was working great until I moved it over to the QA box. I installed the service, no errors or warnings. But when I went to start the service, I got an error “The service did not respond in a timely fashion” and the service would not start. Fortuantely for me I had verbose logging turned on and noticed the following error in the log:
Failure occured during job recovery
Stack Trace:   at Quartz.Impl.AdoJobStore.JobStoreSupport.SchedulerStarted()
at Quartz.Core.QuartzScheduler.Start()
at Quartz.Impl.StdScheduler.Start()
I looked at the quartz source to see what was going on. The code that throws the…